The Wing Chun Kung Fu Society Port Talbot.

PTWC Society is a registered school and Instructor for the Wing Chun Society. Wing chun Society

'The mission of the Wing Chun Society is to share the art of Wing Chun, by welcoming to it's schools anyone who is interested in learning.' - Master Li Yun Tung (Eric Li).

The Wing Chun Society Port Talbot was opened in March 2012 and is led by Sifu Dave Thomas. He is fully committed to passing on this unique Martial Art and together with his fellow Instructors they teach Four classes per week in Port Talbot, South Wales.

The best way to sample this exceptional style of Kung Fu is to come along to the class and join in, you are welcome to observe but will not be able to appreciate the full potential of the art without experiencing it.
We understand that when starting a martial art it can be rather intimidating so our aim is to welcome you into our club and provide a safe and friendly training environment where you can progress with Wing Chun at your own pace. You do not need a high level of fitness to start and don’t need to be extremely flexible. All of the kicks are below waist level and there are no acrobatic movements involved.

The style is suitable for any gender and we accept students from Sixteen years of age and upwards.

Lesson duration is Two hours and during the class you will always have access to the Instructor and will normally be working with a partner so that you can practice and further develop the skills being taught. Questions are also welcomed as they will help to reinforce the concepts and techniques that are being shown.

Safety is also paramount and Port Talbot wing Chun is registered and insured with the Amateur Martial Association A.M.A. Also First Aid Trained and C.R.B. Checked.

Dave and gareth

Give Dave a call to to see if Wing Chun Kung fu is for you.
Tel: 07900 846397
Tel: 01639 897177

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